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A Smart Marketer likes to do more with less

See what these marketers are doing to gain leverage and take their brand further.

A Solo Founder using Notice to expand abroad

Williams is using the translation feature to take Fleeky outside of France. Instead of translating his content himself or hiring other people, he automates it with Notice.
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A Startup scaling their Content Marketing without hiring

Merlin uses Notice to manage Whatizis' blog. What used to have bad SEO is now getting ranked on Google. Not only that, anyone in the team can log in and write content, which helped them scale how much content they produce.
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Hey! Quentin here. I started Notice after I tried to do content marketing at my old job. What started well ended up becoming a maze of tools, posts, and updates. I found myself having almost no time to actually WRITE.

The systems in place for 15 years don't work for today's marketing. It's time for smart content 🍪

Quentin Chantelot

Founder of Notice